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7 All-Natural Deodorants That Actually Work


Deodorant is the last thing I think about in the morning—and the first thing I worry about after a sweaty workout. I’m a newbie runner and am prepping for my first 5K, and since I often do my training runs during my lunch break, I really need a deodorant that stands up to sweat and smell.

I’ve been on a rocky road to finding the perfect deodorant; some in the past have left me with red rashes and irritation post-shaving. Although my go-to standard, Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant Deodorant ($5; amazon.com), has been keeping me dry and B.O.-free for years, I’ve been curious about all-natural deodorants—but worried they wouldn’t stand up to stink.

Plus, even though a link between deodorant chemicals and breast cancer hasn’t been proven, I still like the idea of having an all-natural option, especially because it’s something that stays on your skin all day.

I tried 25 types of all-natural deodorant during my lunch-break workouts. Through trial-and-error (and many 5K runs), these are my top picks for all-natural deodorants.

1Schmidt’s Bergamot + Lime Deodorant

This stick is made with coconut oil and shea butter, so it glides on smoothly. I also tested a version you can rub into your underarms with your fingers, but if given the choice, I would pick the stick version. It absorbed quickly and left no residue on my clothes. Plus, if you’re not into scents, Schmidt’s also has a fragrance-free option of both the stick and deodorant jar.



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